Wearing the mask for a long time can leave marks: redness, cracks or even, in the case of delicate skin, painful lesions.

The consequences of the mask and its effects on skin health vary greatly depending on the type of skin:

  • oily, produces excess sebum, with the annoying appearance of blackheads and lucidity
  • dry, she becomes even more dehydrated and needs a surplus of nourishment
  • thin, like more mature or sensitive skins, it risks real injuries. It is therefore very important to understand how to treat it and prevent certain annoyances.

The wellness centre staff advice you:


Face cleaning with PEVONIA MESOESTETIC products suitable for your type of skin.

Specific treatments as “Luminous C and Sea” and Plantaner, astringents suitable for oily skin.

Vitamina C Phial at 12% or, highly recommended as anti-age, the treatment high performance COLLAGEN 360°, that regenerates the collagen of the skin counteracting the loss of collagen and stimulating the renewal processes.

For more sensible and thin skins, we propose instead the treatment ANTI-AGING SOLUTION: it allows to get an immediate repairing and firming effect thanks to the intesive ampoule.


Following the period of sedentary lifestyle given by the restrictions, many people feel the need to get back in shape, with the desire to reduce the accumulations of localized fat in the critical points.

Un excellent ally is the Green Coffee by Pevonia, wrapping treatment that improves the metabolism stimulating the body to burn fats. Great to combine with a regular diet and physical activity to achieve amazing results.

BODY SHOCK MESOESTETIC, rich in active ingredients, it is a shock treatment by zone, ideal for localized blemishes in the legs, buttocks, hips/abdomen, arms and breasts.

Another friend of the musculature, of the skin well-being and of the circulation is the draining massage, that with its dynamic manual skills stimulates the lymphatic system, very useful to eliminate swelling and cellulite.

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