SOLARIA SPAzio benessere

The aromas and the manual skills of our therapists
to find your deepest state of well-being and serenity.
Choose your favorite flavour, among a selection of oils derived from the precious Olive Oil and scented with aromatic essences
reminiscent of the herbs and flowers of our territory.


  1. MASSAGE “The energy of Rosemary“
    natural oil with essences of rosemary, aromatic and balsamic herbs, invigorating for body and mindROSEMARY & AROMATHERAPY
    One of the main properties of rosemary oil is its anti-aging effect, it brings freshness, elasticity and brightness, thanks to its high intake of antioxidants.
    In addition, rosemary oil has calming and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. MASSAGE “The balance of sage”
    with natural oil enriched and scented with flowers and sage for balance and psychophysical harmonySAGE & AROMATHERAPY
    Sage essential oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties, in particular it improves disorders related to the menstrual cycle and menopause, with a beneficial effect on blood circulation
  3. MASSAGE “The relaxation of Lavender”
    natural oil with lavender and wild herbs to relax the body and spirit. The aroma released by the massage oil during use generates special olfactory stimuli that give body and mind a pleasant sensation of well-being; it also evokes a sense of vastness that helps to free fixed thoughts making them freer, more lucid and decisions are taken from a position of greater balance, restoring serenity and inner calm.LAVANDER & AROMATHERAPY
    The benefits Lavender essential oil is used to calm, relax and regenerate. Popular tradition also attributes to this essential oil excellent deodorant, draining and stimulating properties on the circulation, as well as soothing and regenerating on dry, acne-prone skin and with dilated pores.
  4. MASSAGE “The sunshine of white grapes”
    with natural grape seed oil with a scent that recalls the dynamism of white wineWHITE GRAPES &AROMATHERAPY
    The Fruit Massages combine physical and mental wellbeing: in particular, that with White Grape Juice helps fight blemishes and, thanks to the properties of color and the Phyto-endorphin-based Wellness Complex, it is indicated to rebalance the nervous system instilling confidence and stimulating the imagination.


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