Study, sacrifice, profession, passion and smile: all contained in the Blue Ligure Cocktail, an “all day drink” signed by Hotel Ligure.

“People who know of the sky, of stardust, of infinite flights and of blue. And nothing is so blue.”
Cit. Fabrizio Caramagna

We like to think that much of the world is blue, from the sky above us to the sea that borders our lands. Blue is a symbol of reliability, belonging and loyalty.
At the Ligure Blue Bar you will find all these characteristics, you will feel at home, welcomed and pampered by our Barmen who, thanks to their experience, will give you special and unforgettable holiday moments.

Gianfranco and Matteo are pleased to present our Ligure Blue Cocktail that best represents our territory, perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif in combination with appetizers made with excellent quality raw materials.

Ingredients and Garnishes: