Daily Rates

Daily rates on full board per person per day in double room, valid for stay starting from 3 days/nights.

Short stay: rates on request.

Beach service is not included on the below mentioned rates. Quotation on request.

PeriodDatesNestSuperiorJunior Suite
SEASON 2018/2019
CAP7 nights on New Year 2019
4 nights on Easter
A22.12.18 - 06.01.19
New Year till 7 days/nights see FORFAIT
B06.01 - 12.01.19
16.02 - 19.04.19
Easter till 7 days/nights see FORFAIT
C18.04 - 02.05.19
(except Easter & festivity)
PONFestivity 25.04. and 01.05.19102112123
D02.05 - 30.05.198492102
E30.05 - 15.06.2019 (Ascension/2nd June/Pentecost see Long Week-End)103119129
F15.06 - 19.06.2019 (Corpus Domini/S.Goovanni see Long Week-End)119135146
G29.06 - 13.07.2019134149159
H13.07 - 24.08.19
Ferragosto/15.08 min 7 nights
K24.08 - 08.09.2019139154165
F08.09 - 16.09.2019119135146
L16.09 - 06.10.2019109125135
Mfrom 06.10.2019 to seasonal closure8492102
PeriodDatesNestSuperiorJunior SuiteSuite
CAP 2018/20197 nights on New Year 2019
4 nights on Easter
A22.12.2018 - 06.01.2019
till 7 nights on New Year see Forfait
B06.01 - 12.01.2019
23.02 - 18.04.2019
Easter till 7 days/nights see FORFAIT
C18.04 - 02.05.19
(except Easter & festivity)
on 25.04 and 01.05.19
D02.05 - 30.05.19110117124140/170
E30.05 - 15.06.2019 (Ascensione/2 giugno/Pentecoste see Long Week End)134140149165/205
F15.06 - 19.06.2019 (Corpus Domini/S.Giovanni see Long Week End)154163172200/230
G29.06 - 13.07.2019166177188210/245
H13.07 - 24.08.2019 Ferragosto/15.08 min 7 nights194200212235/275
K24.08 - 08.09.2019172184195218/245
F08.09 - 16.09.2019154163172200/230
L16.09 - 06.10.2019142148155175/215
M06.10.2019 to saisonal closure110117124140/170


in fullboard for each person in double room
WEEK: 7 nights
SHORT STAY: 4 nights from Sunday to Thursday or Monday to Friday
LONG WEEK END: 3 nights from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday
WEEK END: 2 nights including Saturday night
IN WEEK : 2 nights excluding Friday-Saturday-Sunday night
CHRISTMAS/EASTER: 6/7/14 nights days at your choice

forfait are available only for the indicated days
not available on italian or european holidays

 Room old town viewRoom sea viewSuite
NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
14 nights
10 nights
NEW YEAR'S EVE 2018/19
7 nights
 Room old town viewRoom sea viewSuite
NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
23.02 - 18.04.2019525578639672706740874/1040
02.05 - 30.05.2019565619686740787834940/1140
30.05 - 15.06.201969380086790094010001009/1378
15.06 - 29.06.20198009089821035109611561334/1546
29.06 - 13.07.2019901100210691116119012641411/1646
13.07 - 08.08.20191035116312031304134414251580/1848
25.08 - 08.09.2019935103511091156123713111465/1647
08.09 - 16.09.2019901100210691116119012641411/1646
16.09 - 06.10.201973384090895599510421176/1445
from 06.10.2019 to seasonal closure565619686740787834941/1143
 Room old town viewRoom sea viewSuite
NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
22.02 - 18.04.2019300330365384403423499/595
02.05 - 30.05.2019323354392423450477538/653
30.05 - 15.06.2019396457496515538573634/788
15.06 - 29.06.2019457519561592626661768/884
29.06 - 13.07.2019515573611638680722807/940
13.07 - 08.08.2019592665688745768814903/1056
24.08 - 08.09.2019534592634661707749838/940
08.09 - 16.09.2019457519561592626661768/884
16.09 - 06.10.2019419480519546569596672/826
fram 06.10.2019 to seasonal closure323354391423450477538/653
 Room old town viewRoom sea viewSuite
3 gg/notti 2019
NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
25.04 - 01.05306336369405432459504/630
Ascension 30.05
02 June
Pentecote 10.06
Corpus Domini 20.06
Saint Giovanni 24.06
 Room old town viewRoom sea viewSuite
NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
 Room old town viewRoom sea view Suite
2019NestSuperiorJunior SuiteNestSuperiorJunior Suite
7 nights7258088749309861.0461.195/1.418
6 nights6817568198769309871.119/1.335
5 nights602672723763808857988/1.150
4 nights500560600628664704820/940


Garage: parking is guaranteed on reservation – unguarded
Daily rates starting from 3 days stay available, from 2 p.m.of arrival to 11 a.m. of departure day

H - K - CAP26
A - PON23
C - D - M18
E - L22
F - G24

Terms and reductions

Reduction and reservations terms

HALFBOARD:on half board ratesReduction 10%
BED & BREAKFAST:on half board ratesReduction 10%
3°/4° ALDULTS:adults sharing in 3°/4° bedReduction 10%
CHILDREN:children sharing room with 2 adults
- from 12 months to 2 years
- from 3 years to 6 years
- from 7 years to 12 years old
- under 12 mounth cot without meals

Reduction 50%
Reduction 40%
Reduction 30%
Euro 15/35 daily
FAMILY AWARD:in rooms shared from 4 persons for the whole stay booked. It is applied for stays starting from 5 days / nightsReduction 5%
3°/4° PERSON OR CHILDREN:Reduction for 3°/4° person or children will be applied for stays of minimum 3 nights - also not consecutive
CHANGE GUEST:In case of change of guests during the stay , the rack rate will applied for a minimum stay of 2 consecutive nights
WEEK END & FORFAIT:Rates on request or look at page: "OFFERS" or "FORFAIT" of our web-site
SINGLE USE:Extra charge for room as single use (Suite excluding)from 30 to 60%
PETS:ONLY SMALL SIZE on reservation
no food
not allowed at restaurant and at the beach
Euro 25,00 daily

CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT: rooms and garage are available from 2 p.m. of arrival day to 11 a.m. of departure day.

LATE CHECK OUT: late check-out options on request, upon availability, until 6,30 p.m. at an extra cost of 50% of the rate paid for the last day of your stay.

RESTAURANT: breakfast from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. – lunch from 1 p.m. to 2,15 p.m. – dinner from 7,30 p.m. to 8,45 p.m. For dinner a formal wear is required (long trousers for gentlemen).

FULL BOARD – HALF BOARD: daily rates are valid if full or half board will be required for min. 4 days stay. If you desire to have lunch or dinner occasionally, the “Ligure Blue Restaurant” is glad to welcome you at lunch or dinner every day. During summer time you can also taste our “Easy Lunch”, at the Ligure Blue Bar or directly on the beach.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: reservation will be confirmed and guaranteed by a deposit of min. Euro 500,00.– for high season and min. Euro 250,00.– for other months.

LAST-MINUTE: your credit card details will be required, and the full amount of the stay will be pre-authorized on it. If the card doesn’t allow a pre-authorization the total amount will be charged.

CANCELLATION OR DATE CHANGES: according with European standards, in case of cancellation or reservation changes (notification has to be written) the following penalties will be charged. Within 14 days before arrival NO charge. From 13th to 4th days before arrival 30% of the total amount. From 3rd day 100% of the whole booked stay.  In case of early departure, communicated after arrival at the hotel: 100% of the stay. Terms are also valid for garage and beach services.

BIKERS: covered bike storage.

WI-FI: free.

SERVICE IN PARTNER BEACH: availability guaranteed on booking – prices on request – to be paid directly to the lifeguard.

GARAGE: availability guaranteed on booking – unguarded garage.
PARKING SERVICE: driver service to/from our garage – on request – available between 8 a.m. and 7,30 p.m. – € 10,00.

EMOTIONAL PATH SOLARIA SPA: free daily entrance per person. Children allowed starting from 4 years (up to 16 years, access is subject to restrictions).

SOLARIA SPA CANCELLATIONS: treatments and Solaria paths must be cancelled at least 24 hours before booking. Otherwise the whole amount will be charged.

PAYMENT: cash: according to law, requested at check in. Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard): the Hotel Management reserves the right to verify in advance the credit card. The full amount of the stay will be pre-authorized or charged if credit card type will not allow the pre-authorisation. Bank transfer: currency at least 3 working days before departure day.

I.V.A.: Rates includes 10% V.A.T. In case of its variations, it will be charged without preventive communication. Tourist Tax: not required at the moment and not included in the rates. If requested, it must be paid separately.

Price list is subject to variations without notice.

Wellness & SPA

Price list services and treatments

Facial cleansing basic 60
Excellence Lady by Solaria moisturizing 65
Hydra Blue by Phytomer - moisturizing 65
Luminous C & Sea by Pevonia illuminating & nourishing 90
RS 2 by Pevonia - shooting face & eyes contour 80
Lumafirm by Pevonia -cometic lifting 85
Tri-Phase Myoxy Caviar by Pevonia: anti-age for face, eyes & lip 120
Desensitizing with propolis By Pevonia70
Vitamin C Anti-Age by Pevonia80
Collagen e Caviar Intensive Phial by Pevonia105
Intensive Firming Elastin and Sorghum by Pevonia95
Intensive Smoothing DNA and Diacetil Bondina by Pevonia95
Nickel Free by dr. Vranjes - Anti Age120
Cryo Collagen by Pevonia anti-age eyes contour
...with a face treatment 25
Ginko Biloba Eyes contour - anti fatigue by Pevonia
...with a face treatment 25
Relax Man by Solaria - anti fatigue man's face 65
Skin Fit for Him by Pevonia - man's face 85
FACIAL TREATMENT COLLAGEN 360°: the only integral care that regenerates collagen
AMPOULE FACIAL TREATMENT MESO PEN ... rewrite your age 130
MESOESTETIC: Anti Aging face Solution 65
MESOESTETIC: Visoshock - Cristal Fiber Mask 80
MESOESTETIC: Enzyme Face Peeling and Neckline with glycolic acid 10% vitamin E and F 40
White Sand Exfoliating by Solaria 35
Sea Tonic by Phytomer gommage 60
Sugar Cane & Cinnamon scrub by Solaria 40
Salt Mousse Glow scrub anti-age by Pevonia68
Exfoliating Treatment with Seaweeds by Pevonia 55
Marine Seaweeds + Activating Gel by Pevonia65
Himalayan Salt Scrub Massage 60
Firming Body Secial - Tropical Oasis by Pevonia100
Elasticizing Body Special - Tropical Escape by Pevonia 100
Smoothing with Jojoba Micro-granules by Pevonia55
Water Lily by Pevonia moisturizing wrap 60
Sculpt Zone Slimming 60
Morpho Design by Phytomer remodeling total body treatm 90
Lumafirm by Pevonia de-aging & firming treatment 90
Green Coffee Simmint Treatment by Pevonia 80
Mineralizing Moor Mud by Pevonia 70
Excellence Lady Seaweed - Draining body by Solaria 60
Total Body Nickel free by Dr. Vranjes 110
Light Legs - Draining Legs by Phytomer60
Relax Man by Solaria, Scrub, wrap and Massage90
BODYSHOCK by Mesoestetic shock treatment reduce cellulite - redefines - tones
1 treatment150
HARMONY dedicated to wellness
during the total body massage they applied relaxant mud in the back and refreshing cooling gel on your legs
BODY LIFTING remodeling
during the total body massage a treatment with modeling tightening effect on a chosen area (abdome or buttocks or arms or breasts)
MEASURE drain and streamline
total body massage performed with creams and serums highly slimming and draining
LIGHT vitality even for the face
during the total body massage even a facial treatment dedicated to your face with brightening effect
Massages for relax and well-being

TreatmentDuration (min)Euro
SPORT CANDLE MASSAGE with alpine herbs25/5048/80
4 HANDS classic3080
EARTH & SKY relaxing
and energizing
HIGH PERFORMANCE specific massage25/5055/90
CONNECTIVAL - DECONTRACTURING with arnica oil 25/5045/75
CONNECTIVAL - DECONTRACTING with arnica oil 25/5045/75
ANTI-AGING FACE MASSAGE + specific vial 2540 + vial
TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE massage on fouton 55/7585/110
For a perfect look

Aesthetic manicure with traditional nail polish 35
Hands: Preparation and laying Semi-permanent polish 40
Aesthetic pedicure with traditional nail polish 45
Feet: Preparation and laying Semi-permanent polish 40
Partial or total epilation on request
Skin check up face & body 20
From 8 to 16

Body scrub with fruits extracts 40 min 35
Face cleansing 40 min
(10/15 years)
Chocolat massage 20 min 35
Junior Sport Massage 40 min 55
Massage with Mum or Dad 25 min70
Emotional path 10
Dedicated at outside clients

Emotional course: sauna, hammam, salinair, jacuzzi 35
Emotional c. + Face Cleansing 91
Emotional c. + Hydra Blue by Phytomer 97
Emotional c. + Excellence Lady face 97
Emotional c. + Luminous C & Sea by Pevonia 125
Emotional c. + RS2 treatment face and eyes by Pevonia 114
Emotional c. + LumafirmTM cosmetic lifting by Pevonia 125
Emotional c. + Tri Phase Myoxy Caviar by Pevonia 158
Emotional c. + Anti Age "Nickel free" by Dr. Vranjes 147
Emotional c. + MESOESTETIC Anti-Aging Face Solution 97
Emotional c. + MESOESTETIC Visoshock-Cristal Fiber Mask 114
Emotional c. + MESOESTETIC Enzyme Peeling Face and decolletage with glycolic acid 10% vitamin E and F
Emotional c. + Schock Treatment with Fiber Mask by Masoestetic114
Emotional c. + Face Treatment: Vial with MESO PEN and Cristal Fiber Mask by Masoestetic170
Emotional c. + VISO UOMO Skin Fit for Him by Pevonia 120
Emotional c. + VISO UOMO Relax face man: deep cleansing 97
Emotional path/course: sauna, hammam, salinair, jacuzzi 35
Emotional c.+Sea Gommage Toning by Phytomer 92
Emotional c.+Tropical Oasis Body Firming Treatment by Pevonia 135
Emotional c.+white sand vitaminic scrub by dr. Vranjes 64
Emotional c.+ natural scrub with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon 69
Emotional c. +Exfoliating Treatment with Seaweed85
Emotional c.+ Exfoliating and Mousturising Treatment with Himalaya salt and Sheabutter92
Emotional c.+Salt Mousse Glow scrub anti age by Pevonia100
Emotional c.+Sculpt zone modeling by Phytomer 92
Emotional c.+Morpho design slimming gel by Phytomer 125
Emotional c.+ Light Legs by Phytomer92
Emotional c. "Nickel Free" Total Body Treatment by Dr. Vranjes 145
Emotional c.+Water Lily moisturizing wrap 92
Emotional c.+ draining seaweed wrap by Solaria 92
Emotional c.+ Green Coffee Lipolytic Treatment by Pevonia 113
Emotional c.+remineralizing mud MOOR by Pevonia 102
Emotional c.+Lumafirm firming de-aging by Pevonia 125
Emotional c. +Relax Man body scrub, decontracting wrap and massage 124
Emotional c.+ Massage 25 min da 69
Emotional c.+Massage 50 minutes da 102
Emotional c.+ treatment Bodyshock 2 zones by Mesoestetic 192