Every year, beginning in early March, the birds sing, the sun becomes warmer and in the air there is a slight fragrance again. It is from this  moment that we perceive that spring is coming and the desire for lightness and freshness is awakening in us, to store coats and sweaters and wear a T-shirt, book a pedicure to be ready to show a nice pair of new sandals and, of course, get back in shape!

Which means not only diet, but also treatments to dedicate to one’s body to eliminate toxins and purify oneself from winter sins

Our SOLARIA SPAZIO Benessere offers to the our guests some programs remise en forme, really performing:

Anti-age facial treatment Mesopen by Mesoestetic

The flagship of our high performance face treatments, it reduces expression wrinkles from the first session. How? The “pen” has a particular pattering head that draws blood to the tissues, simulating a facial gymnastics. The treatment is really valid and the results are visible even after only one session, but the results can be enhanced by combining it with other facial treatments.

Drainage path – lipolytic – toning

You know, after the overeating of winter and Easter, the race begins to get back in shape for the bikini test
For the summer, which is almost upon us, Solaria SPAzio Benessere recommends Mesoestetic Body Shock, a zone treatment that reduces the imperfections of cellulite, where we most need it. Our Beauty Therapists will carry out a quick check of your silhouette at the beginning of the treatment and will advise you on the one that best suits your needs.

Toning marine scrub

The “must” to give your skin the brightness lost during the winter.
This scrub with seaweed extracts promotes tissue drainage, giving a smoother skin and a drier silhouette.

And more … walks by the sea!

Add to our spa packages the benefits of the sea and the sun. An excellent exercise to drain excess fluids is to walk at sea with water just below the waist: a natural massage on the hips and thighs and, even if it is still cold to swim, this is an exercise that we advise you to do right away. from the first day of your spring vacation.

An additional benefit?

The executive Chef Giuseppe Mardecheo, the sous-chef Gloria Enrico and all their team will offer you every day a healthy, delicious, colorfull cuisine and products of the highest quality and zero kilometer. Choose carefully the combination that suits your caloric needs, even if … tasting their delightful dishes it is impossible to follow a weight loss diet!

Once at home …

… you can continue the wellness program at home with the professional products by SOLARIA SPA, such as anti-cellulite creams, scrubs and the Mesoestetic line.

Right nutrition + movement + treatments + relaxation: you will feel reborn!

And if after massages, walks, sea and pampering you will not have a catwalk physique, you will certainly have earned the best weapon of beauty: a relaxed face and a happy smile. And remember: for the belly there are Instagram filters, for the smile no!

Our SPA is also open to residents in Alassio and the surrounding villages and to tourists residing in holiday or residence accommodation: if you want a relaxing break, a beauty or wellness treatment or a massage performed by beauty experts, come and visit us! According to availability, we offer special packages with support room and light lunch for an unforgettable wellness experience.