The wine territory of Western Liguria is characteristic not for its very large numbers, but certainly for the highest quality. A wine area able to return in a glass, not a single territory, but the many territories that, like pieces of a puzzle, form that curve, squeezed between mountains and sea, which goes from Quiliano, land of Granaccia and Buzzetto, to Dolceacqua, land of Rossese, the first Doc of Liguria. 



The wine scene is very different with vineyards located for the most part in low – medium hills even in the innermost areas. The Riviera of Ponente is a strip of hilly land overlooking the Mediterranean and protected to the north by the last offshoots of the Alps, with narrow valleys and steep slopes. In addition, the specific vines of this denomination (Pigato, Rossese and Granaccia) are present almost exclusively in this area and are not found in other vineyard areas.
The wines of the Riviera Ligure of Ponente DOC are distinguished by the fact that they have good acidity, bright colors, fine but intense aromas mainly fruity and with a bitter aftertaste. The soils for the most part draining and sandy give the wines characteristics of freshness and flavor. These wines are not particularly suitable for aging, with the exception of Granaccia and higher types, as the territory gives the wine the flavors of Mediterranean aromas, hints of sea and genuineness. The fresh, dry and soft flavors in the whites, warm and full-bodied in the reds and the slightly bitter and acidic background, are the characteristics that bind these products to the areas from which they are obtained. 



To group the wineries and olive wineries, all located between the provinces of Savona and Imperia, a Network of Companies was born with the name of Vite in Riviera, which aims to disseminate and promote the Ligurian wines and oils of the Riviera of Ponente.
Just a few kilometers from the beautiful Bay of Alassio, you can visit some of these companies, where you can dedicate yourself to the tasting experiences of the wines of the Ponente, taking a break from the beach and shopping.
Some of our tips:

  • BioVio in Albenga: biology farm and winery where Vio Family, for generations, manages with passion and competence the different business sectors from the harvest to the daily packaging of aromatic herbs, from the agronomic care to the vinification of the grapes, from the reception on the farm to that of the cellar.
  • Terrazza Praiè in Colla Micheri: part of PEQ Agri, a farm, whose cultivated land is born from a process of recovery of abandoned and uncultivated areas.
  • Poggio dei Gorleri in Diano Marina: family cellar with the aim of creating a young and innovative wine, while maintaining the traditional and decisive character of Ligurian wines.


At this point, the pieces of the puzzle are all there and to color them better you just have to go and discover them from life, drinking their wines, knowing their stories. Because the territory of Liguria of Poenente is… divine!


Have a nice tasting