Small holiday guide for “anxious mom”

Okay let’s face it, who among us does not recognize himself in this category of mother? Also because, more or less, when you have to organize a weekend or THE holiday, no mother is really excluded …

The mother with only one child who obviously thinks: “and if he gets bored? will he/she finds a friend to play together?”
The super-mother with two or more children who will think: “how do I manage them? Will I manage an hour of shopping alone? Or a long shower or a long bath? Or a regenerating massage? “Single mom (see super-mom)
Mom in couple: “Will I be able to carve out a few moments of intimacy with my husband?”
Mom with young children: “What should I bring with me”? He/she will eat? Will the sea make him nervous? ”
And all mothers: “What do I do if the weather is bad? What if he gets sick? “

The answer for each of them is naturally to choose the right hotel, because managing children (even on holiday) is not so easy, but there are places where it becomes easier. Where you will feel better than at home, a safe environment and a caring staff allows parents to enjoy their holiday, too.

Our little tips to calm your anxieties:


It could happen, indeed it is highly probable, children have a special ability to get sick on holiday … but do not worry: our receptionists are ready to help you and provide different numbers of trusted pediatricians who will promptly visit your babies and… if the problem is more serious, 15 minutes from Alassio there is the pediatric ward of the Santa Corona Hospital.


Our kitchen staff is very well prepared and over the years has weaned and “grown” hundreds of children who are now back with their puppies. Tey daily cook vegetable meals and vegetable broths with care and dedication, using strictly fresh ingredients and shakes on request. They offer all the products from weaning to early childhood, the older children will be enticed by the simple and tasty recipes of our sous-chef (as well as mother and 2017 Masterchef finalist) Gloria Enrico.


Hard to get bored on the beach during the summer season …
Children never tire of entering and leaving the water, playing on the shore and making new friends.
The Ligure – during summer holidays – offers a Baby Park service for all children from 3 years, at set times and in the dedicated room.
Your babies will find careful assistance and educational games for all ages and you can enjoy a massage by our SOLARIA SPAzio benessere, a moment of relaxation with your partner or of a short shopping tour.

A suggestion for a forgettable day dedicated to children? Le Caravelle Water Park 10 km from Alassio. Kids will be delighted and you can still relax by the pool or in the SPA corner!
A rainy day? With an hour’s train ride you will be in Genoa and you can visit the Children’s City or the famous Aquarium, enjoy the breathtaking view of the harbor and the city from the panoramic lift or the boat tour of the ancient port.


Since the baggage for a weekend or for a long holiday are always many, at the Ligure we re glad to provide baby beds, sides to apply to single beds, high chairs, bottle warmers, some pushchairs and small radios. With the space “earned” bring a beautiful dress for a special evening and ask the reception to help you in finding a trusted baby sitter.

We believe that there are all the prerequisites for a real relaxing holiday and we assure you our best attention to take care of the well-being of the whole family, not only of your children,  because after a long winter you deserve it, don’t you?