Does your skin and hair appear dry and dehydrated after your holidays? It’s normal. Atmospheric agents – sun, wind, water, sand, salt – attack our body during the summer months, accelerating skin aging and affecting the production of collagen which should guarantee elasticity to the skin.
For this reason, taking care of your skin and hair after exposing them to the sun for long periods is essential. Our Beauty Specialists are happy to recommend some ideal treatments that you can carry out in our SOLARIA SPAzio wellness.


The right program includes:

  • Facial cleansing “Cleansing and Hydration”: the first step to remove dead cells and help the skin to regenerate quickly is to cleanse and hydrate the face with a deep cleansing.
  • “Crystal Fiber Mask” treatment: immediately after cleansing, it is necessary to nourish the skin by applying a hydrating and regenerating mask to restore luminosity to the skin.
  • “Soothing Dermoriparatore by Pevonia” treatment: to complete the program, a vitamin C-based ampoule is applied to maintain the skin tone given by the tan.


The right program includes:

  • “Body Renew by Pevonia” treatment: first, it is important to exfoliate the skin of the body using a scrub with bath salts to remove dead cells.
  • “White Lily by Pevonia” wrap: after exfoliation, a hydrating and decongestant wrap follows, ideal for soothing redness caused by the sun.
  • “Olive Elixir by Dr. Vranjes” treatment: to complete the program, a highly hydrating olive extract oil is applied through massage to both the body and hair.

In addition to carry out treatments that certainly help improve the appearance and health of our skin, it would be good to take care of it also by acting from the inside: drinking lots of water, for example, is essential as is avoiding coffee, carbonated and alcoholic drinks which further dehydrate. Excellent for health are obviously foods rich in vitamins A, E and C, a good juice with lemon, coconut or fruit and vegetable juices.

To have good results, our advice is to act for at least the entire month following your return from holidays. Patience and consistency are necessary and thanks to simple and good habits, your skin will certainly be healthier and brighter.