The Ligure’s pink quota

The Ligure’s staff is made up mainly of women, from management to reception, from rooms and laundry to kitchen, the latter undisputed realm of men, until some time ago.

In a purely male world, women in hotels make the difference and not only because they have a higher gear and are very good at doing multiple things at the same time, but above all because hospitality is natural and spontaneous, never forced. Women have shown that they have that sensitivity and intuition that allow them to go beyond the ordinary, to find the right word and smile for each person, anticipating the wishes of each guest.


In short, our welcome color is pink.


At Ligure, the environment is familiar, but at the same time elegant and refined, attentive to the needs of each guest. It is a sweet environment, but at the same time governed by rules that allow respect for the spaces and times of others.

Since our target is the family, the maternal sense present in all our women helps mothers and families to feel at ease, and to have that extra attention that only those who are women and who are mothers know .. .

An example … our women of the kitchen staff are ready to help you and make you enjoy your holiday, preparing the baby food with love and care, starting from weaning.

At every meal you will find fresh baby food and specific products for early childhood, but not only … every desire of young and old, preference or intolerance is taken into the utmost consideration and attention. The Ligure Blue Restaurant pays particular attention to preparations for celiac desease, vegetarians and intolerants, not second to other culinary preparations.

And here is the Ligure „pink quota“, ready to welcome you to every stay with warm professionalism:

Management: Roberta Mengarelli
Reception: Vanda, Tiziana, Samantha, Chiara and Francesca
Cuisine: Cecilia
Rooms and laundry: Angela, Rosy, Stella, Graziella and Patrizia
Solaria SPA: Martina and Emanuela