Our city welcomes mainly tourists who love the typical sea life, made of walks on the beach and the wonderful sweet doing nothing under the sun umbrella.
We would like to address this article to people who want more from their holiday, who love walking and bring in their luggages both elegant sandals and light trekking shoes, always ready for a trip in the quiet Mediterranean nature, flavoured of pine, myrtle and rosemary…

So, if one day of your holiday you will be tired to relax under the sun umbrella, wear your shoes and leave to discover our fascinating and mysterious territory between the blue sea and the green hills.

Here at the Ligure, we are all lovers of COLLA MICHERI because it is a medieval town built along the ancient Roman Street Julia Augusta, because it offers the taste, the charme and enchantment of a magic and distant world, because the climb is hard, but at the same time easy, because the street is asphalted and offers views of rare beauty on our Baia del Sole.

It’s not a case that the famous Norvegian Thor Heyrdal, after wandering around by his Kon-Tiki, chose to spend here his last years of his life. He was committed to restore it preserving the authenticity of the Ligurian village.

This village is really small and the most important place is the square paved with smooth stone of San Sebastiano Church. The church has a plaque in honor of Pope Pius VIII who passed from here during his return from his French exile. A streets and alleys branch leaves from the little but immaculate square. They are decorated with plants and flowers of thousand colours.

It’s very easy to reach Colla Micheri. You have to follow the walking along the sea in direction of Laigueglia and Via Aurelia, in the middle of the city you take Via Monaco and continue climbing the Panoramic Street to Colla Micheri, following the directions.

Technical notes:

  • Starting altitude: 10 m (Via Monaco – Laigueglia)
  • Arrival altitude: 162 m (Colla Micheri)
  • Difference: 152 m
  • Development: 1,5 Km
  • Difficulty: T


Don’t forget your camera, cap and water bottle