At the Hotel Ligure, the colors are the main attraction. A palette of colors where the ocher yellow of the outside walls is combined with the blue of the Ligurian Sea, the green of its terrace and the bright colors of the flowery dehor. Here the colors speak , the air smells of the sea, the time does not bother and the reception is always warm and professional at the same time, to surprise for each stay both the new guests and the loyal customers. At the center of all, the passion of the owner Roberta Mengarelli,  for the luxury hotel trade. Daughter of Art, she was born and raised in a hotel, cuddled by clients and by the staff of the family structure, spent her childhood sitting on the steel kitchen tables, helping the Chef with small jobs. She learned early to set the table for the guests and how to welcome them. She spent the afternoons on the beach with his young peers and when she was adolescent, studied for school questioning or exams at the hotel reception desk. In short! The hospitality flows through her veins.


  1. Mrs. Mengarelli what are the characteristics that distinguish the Hotel Ligure, making it a reference point for tourism on the Riviera?
    The Hotel Ligure – that everyone calls “Ligure” – is located in the heart of Alassio, surrounded by the pedestrian area and at the same time right by the sea. The building that dates back to the sixteenth century, was used until the early twentieth century as a deposit for fishermen’s fishing boats. The floor tilted towards the sea, facilitated the pushing of small boats to the water, before the current pier “Molo di Alassio” was built.
    Over the past 30 years it has been entirely and elegantly renovated, still maintaining its ancient vaulted ceiling, warm colors and typical slate floor, combining the charm of the past with modern comforts.
  2. How does the Ligurian seduce its guests?
    Our guests love the Ligure because it is the heart of everything. In fact, the beach, the most prestigious boutiques, bars and restaurants are within walking distance and this position guarantees our guests the freedom to walk without being assaulted by traffic. Moreover, without false modesty, we can say that every guest is surrounded by a unique atmosphere, which they find and refind, seduced by the warm but always professional welcome of all the Staff.
    Particularly important to me because that is the feminine aspect of my management.
    Last but not least, customers are undoubtedly seduced by the Mediterranean and creative cuisine of  our Executive Chef Giuseppe  who, with his out-standing team, offers delicious and refined dishes, prepared with high quality raw materials and zero kilometer.
  3. Which is your typical customer?
    Our clientele is mostly formed by Italian, Swiss and Northern European families who from year to year renew their preference or from young couples who alternate between wellness, sport or sea holidays to the possibility of living the night in its infinite facets: warm summer nights in the open air or on the beach; mild winter nights in the trendiest clubs by night.
  4. Over the last few years the Hotel Ligure has been completely renovated. What has changed and what will change in the future?
    We were saying that the Ligure was born as a deposit for fishing goiters and in the early twentieth century it was transformed into a hotel. When I bought the property in 1988, I was twenty-eight years old and the hotel was rather in disarmament, requiring many structural changes to the rooms, to the heating system and to the bathrooms. The then strong point was the restaurant, very famous for the Cecilia’s seafood cuisine.
    And the restaurant has always remained the flagship of the Hotel Ligure since then to today …
    The rooms have been renovated over and over again, all the bathrooms are new and have small luxurious details. I have combined some rooms to propose wider solutions for couples who prefer greater comfort or for families with children still too young to sleep in a separate room  and I have renovated some solutions, turning them into comfortable Suites.On the first floor of the building I built a small wellness oasis with a sensory pathway, treatment and massage cabins and a charming green terrace facing the sea, with sunbeds for relaxation and an 8-person heated Jacuzzi pool.
    Last spring I completely rebuilt the dehor of the bar and restaurant that the storm at the end of October 2018 had completely destroyed, but since not all the evil comes to harm, the entrance to the hotel today has a much more metropolitan new look. The new dehor of the LIGURE BLUE RESTAURANT & BAR allows you to sip a drink or dine outdoors, both in summer and in winter.
    The future? Improvements, improvements, improvements … or: NEVER STOP CHANGING!
  5. How is it possible for a single person to manage a hotel of this caliber?
    Well … first of all I am the first person to arrive at the office in the morning and I normally retire at dinner time, taking only a small break after lunch.
    Then, my husband is often present to solve the small technical problems that arise every day and finally the Staff that daily assists me in the small and big “chores” of every day, has been with me for a very long time.The cuisine team is young but highly motivated, the Executive Chef Giuseppe Mardecheo and the sous-Chef Gloria Enrico really take care of every detail, from purchase to preparation, admirably directing the entire staff and collaborating with the restaurant brigade to guarantee the our customers, even those not staying in hotels, a high level culinary experience.But each individual professional contributes to the smooth running of the house, with diligence and passion for his profession to ensure each guest a truly unforgettable stay.

Who knows me for some time, knows that can turn to me for all problem, even the smallest. For those who do not know me … come to the Hotel Ligure for a short stay or for the long-awaited summer holidays: you will not be disappointed!